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Informix 11.7 System Administration – IX812G


Czas trwania – 32 Hours


Informacje o szkoleniu

In this course, you will develop the skills necessary to administer one or more database servers. You will learn how to configure and initialize a database server instance, configure and test client connectivity, configure and manage memory and disk usage, plan and implement system maintenance tasks, and configure the server for optimal Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) or decision support. This course is based on the 11.7 version of IBM Informix.


Co warto wiedzieć przed szkoleniem?

You should have the following knowledge and skills:

Ability to write complex SQL queries

Ability to navigate through a Linux/UNIX file system and use common utilities in that environment


Dla jakiej grupy odbiorców jest dedykowane szkolenie?

This intermediate course is for Informix Administrators, Database Administrators, and Applications Developers.



Day 1

Unit 1: Overview of the Informix Database Server

Unit 2: Preparing for Configuration

Unit 3: Configuring Client-Server Connectivity

Unit 4: Configuring a Database Server

Unit 5: Monitoring Dynamic Server

Day 2

Unit 6: Managing Shared Memory

Unit 7: Virtual Processors and Threads

Unit 8: Disk Architecture

Unit 9: Managing and Monitoring Disk Space

Unit 10: Physical and Logical Logging

Day 3

Unit 11: The Shared Memory Buffer Pool

Unit 12: Fault Tolerance

Unit 13: Introduction to Backup and Restore

Unit 14: Backup and Restore Using Ontape

Unit 15: Temporary Files and Tables

Unit 16: Performance Features

Day 4

Unit 17: Monitoring User Activity

Unit 18: Event Alarms

Unit 19: SQL Admin Functions and Task Scheduler

Unit 20: Troubleshooting

Unit 21: A Configuration Case