CompTIA Pentest+ (PT0-001)

Length – 5 days (40 h)

The Official CompTIA PenTest+ Course (PT0-001) has been developed by CompTIA with input from instructors across the world.
Rigorously evaluated by third party subject matter experts to validate coverage of the PenTest+ exam objectives,
The Official CompTIA PenTest+ Instructor Guide teaches the essential skills and information needed to troubleshoot and problem solve,
helps learners understand a wide variety of issues ranging from networking and operating systems to mobile devices and security,
and prepares candidates to take the CompTIA PenTest+ certification exam (PT0-001).

This is 5 day course, with all official guidelines.

Course Outline
Lesson 1: Planning and Scoping Penetration Tests
Lesson 2: Conducting Passive Reconnaissance
Lesson 3: Performing Non-Technical Tests
Lesson 4: Conducting Active Reconnaissance
Lesson 5: Analyzing Vulnerabilities
Lesson 6: Penetrating Networks
Lesson 7: Exploiting Host-Based Vulnerabilities
Lesson 8: Testing Applications
Lesson 9: Completing Post-Exploit Tasks
Lesson 10: Analyzing and Reporting Pen Test Results