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IBM QRadar SIEM Advanced Topics – BQ203G

Length – 16 hours


IBM® Security QRadar® enables you to minimize the time gap between when a suspicious activity occurs and when you detect it. Attacks and policy violations leave their footprints in log events and network flows of your IT systems. To connect the dots, QRadar SIEM correlates these scattered events and flows into offenses that alert you to suspicious activities. Using the skills taught in this course, you will be able to configure processing of uncommon events, work with reference data, and develop custom rules, custom actions, and custom anomoly detection rules.

IT infrastructure.
IT security fundamentals.
Microsoft Windows.
TCP/IP networking.
Log files and events.
Network flows.
You should also have completed the IBM QRadar SIEM Foundations course.

Security administrators
Security technical architects
Offense managers
Professional services using QRadar SIEM
QRadar SIEM administrators

Course Outline
Creating log source types.
Leveraging reference data collections.
Developing custom rules.
Creating Custom Action Scripts.
Developing Anomaly Detection Rules.