Informix 12.10 Database Administration – IX223G


Length– 32 hours

In this course, students will learn the basic concepts of data management with Informix 12.10. They will learn how to create, manage, and maintain tables and indexes; how the Informix Optimizer works; and how to use the SET EXPLAIN feature to determine query effectiveness.

Students in this course should satisfy the following prerequisites:
• IX101 – Introduction to Informix terminology and data types (or equivalent experience or knowledge)
• Knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL)
• Experience using basic Linux functionality

The main audience for this course is Informix Database Administrators. It is also appropriate for Informix System Administrators and Informix Application Developers.

Course Outline
Creating databases and tables.
Altering and deleting databases and tables.
Creating, altering, and dropping indexes.
Managing and maintaining indexes.
Table and index partitioning.
Maintaining table and index partitioning.
Cost-based query optimizer.
Updating statistics and data distributions.
Managing the optimizer.
Referential and entity integrity.
Managing constraints.
Modes and violations detection.
Concurrency control.
Data security.
Introduction to stored procedures.