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Power Systems for AIX II AIX Implementation and Administration – AN 12G


Lenght – 40 Hours

Level – Intermediate



Learn to install, customize, and administer the AIX operating system in a multiuser Power Systems partitioned environment. The course is based on AIX 7.1 running on a Power Systems server managed by Hardware Management Console and provides practical discussions that are appropriate to earlier AIX releases.



You should already be able to:

Log in to an AIX system and set a user password

Execute basic AIX commands

Manage files and directories

Use the vi editor

Use redirection, pipes, and tees

Use the utilities find and grep

Use the command and variable substitution

Set and change Korn shell variables

Write simple shell scripts

Use a graphic Common Desktop Environment (CDE) interface

These skills can be acquired by attending AIX Basics AN10G or through equivalent AIX or UNIX knowledge. Also, it would be helpful (but not mandatory) if students were familiar with partitioning concepts and technology taught in Power Systems for AIX I: LPAR Configuration and Planning AN11G.



This intermediate course is intended for system administrators or anyone implementing and managing an AIX operating system in a multiuser Power Systems partitioned environment.


Course Outline

Introduction to IBM Power Systems, AIX, and system administration

AIX system management tools

Using system management tools in AIX

System startup and shutdown

AIX installation

AIX software installation and maintenance

System configuration and devices

System storage overview

Working with the Logical Volume Manager

File systems administration

Paging space

Backup and restore

Security and user administration: Part one

Security and user administration: Part two

Scheduling and time

TCP/IP networking

TCP/IP networking

Introduction to Workload Partitions